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Tourism Statistics Highlight13 May 2022


  • InboundAccording to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the estimated number of international travelers to Japan in March 2022 was about 66,100, +438.1% compared to the previous year, and -97.6% compared to March 2019.
    It is the first time in eight months since July 2021 that the number of international travelers to Japan has exceeded 50,000.
  • Japanese touristsAccording to preliminary figures from the Immigration Service Agency of Japan, the number of Japanese overseas travelers in March 2022 accounted for 70,678, +144.6% compared to March 2021, and -96.3% compared to 2019.
Overseas Residents' Visits to Japan

March 2022 (Estimated figures)

66,100 Visits

YOY +438.4%

YTD 100,566 Visits

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Japan Residents'/Japanese Visits Abroad

March 2022 (Estimated figures)

70,678 Visits

YOY +144.6%

YTD 192,592Visits

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Japanese Economic Trend

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