Research On Smartphone Usage and Travel Consumption (2023)

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  • Private communications are moving to messengers and chats.
  • – Messenger and chat applications rank 1st place as the most used apps on smartphones. Email apps come in 3rd place (71.7%) and the phone function comes in 4th at 64.5%. All of them have largely decreased usage when compared to data in 2019.
    – Users get the latest information from words that have surged in popularity, retweets and reactions from friends.
  • The use of social media as an information source is a remarkable trend.
  • Popular social media apps include LINE, YouTube, and Instagram. Both Instagram and TikTok increased by more than 10 points since 2019 and the demographic of their users has also widened in scope.
  • A total of 45.8% of people have changed their habits for a smartphone game.
  • – 72.7% of men in the 30’s, 63.3% of men in their 20’s (29 years old and younger).
    – 33% of men 29 years of age and younger have played or watched esports.
  • There is an increase of buying travel-related reservations on smartphones (such as tickets for transportation and events). Accommodations and related facilities continue to rise in trends.
  • Will AI services regarding travel change from “before traveling” to “while traveling?”
  • – This latest survey reveals an increase of “I can consult when I don’t know something during my trip,” and “Solo traveling is easy because AI helps me in many ways.” when compared to the 2019 survey.

JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co. (HQ: Shingawa-Ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Yoshihito Kazama, hereby referred to as “JTB”) conducted “Research On Smartphone Usage and Travel Consumption (2023).” This survey has been conducted annually from 2013 to 2019, with 2023 being the eighth reiteration – four years since the last one in 2019. Our firm continually conducts research and analysis on how people’s lifestyles and values impact and influence consumer behavior and travel.
 The survey conducted in 2019 revealed that social media has been moving away from a method of communication to a place to gather information, and that trend was further highlighted in 2023’s results.
 In addition, Chat GPT and other hot-topic AI services continually improve their technologies and further become more widely adopted – we are seeing how those services are changing in travel.
 This survey aims to capture hints of future changes in lifestyles and travel behavior by continuously examining smartphone usage and people’s attitudes and consciousness.
【Summary of Survey】
Method: Online survey
Dates Surveyed: November 2nd to November 3rd, 2023
Targeted Audience: (Screening) Men and women ages 18 to 69 (for a total of 10,000 people) who live in the Tokyo and capital region, Nagoya and its surrounding areas, and Osaka and its surrounding areas. Upon screening the answers from participants of the main survey, we found out that 1,030 people have gone traveling at least once within the past year for domestic travel (including day trips), using their smartphones for private travel.

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