Travel and tourism digital marketing solutions

Digital Marketing

Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are ideally suited to tourism. The tourism sector was one of the first to use ICTs in the early days of the Internet. Our digital marketing services include comparative studies and usability evaluations of tourism-related websites (including those for travel agencies, attractions, etc.), web strategy development, web design, and more.


Digital marketing solutions for 360 digrees

Avenues for marketing communication have traditionally been a one-way street, from the business to the consumer. In recent years, social media, like Facebook and Twitter, has been driving communication in a totally different direction. Companies are now willing to not only listen to what consumers have to say and respond to them but also interact with them in ways never dreamed of before. Behind this trend is the concept of customer engagement, i.e. how customers relate to a brand. It’s time to shift gears and move away from “maintaining customers” and begin “connecting with” them.

There’s a whole world of new technologies and strategies, like NFC (near field communication) and O2O (online to offline), that are out there to help businesses move forward.

What We Do


  • Digital marketing strategy development and website analysis
    • Seminars and symposiums that raise tourism risk management awareness
  • Assistance in developing tourism risk management plans and manuals
    • Comparative study of competitor websites.
    • Usability evaluation based on task (behavior) analysis.
    • Market research and forecasts based on advanced digital marketing case studies
    • Developing strategies in light of medium- to long-term Internet developments
  • Web development and improvement
    • Website design
    • Localization and technical support for global site
  • Other digital marketing services
    • Developing strategies and guidelines for using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
    • Support for launching and operating Facebook pages, assistance in producing and distributing email magazines and other marketing tools, and search engine marketing (SEM) services
    • Developing NFS-based marketing plans, planning and implementing O2O(online to offline) promotions