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Japan and Asia Market

We offer a wide range of research and consulting services for better understanding and development of Japanese and Asian tourism attractions, accommodations, tourist sites, transportation services, etc. We also provide opportunities for new businesses and more via accurate analysis of Japanese and foreign tourists needs and behaviors.


To lead optimal solutions from marketing research and data analysis

Marketing research and statistical analysis are our trade tools but we are conscious building businesses takes more than just that. We also use qualitative and quantitative researches, multivariate analysis etc. what makes the difference. Our unique insights in tourism industry make us be ‘Think tank’ you can rely to develop complete strategy. We offer optimal solutions that help businesses grow through careful analysis of market research data.

What We Do


  • Market analysis and strategy planning
    • We quantitatively assess the needs and expectations of Japanese and foreign travelers using consumer questionnaire surveys.
      ※We conduct various types of surveys for different purposes, including general monitoring surveys and follow-up surveys among respondents to our annual inbound and outbound travel surveys.
    • We conduct group interviews, behavior observations, diary-based research, etc. to identify potential needs and expectations that cannot be captured via questionnaire surveys.
    • We help develop strategies based on various market research findings.
  • Strategy analysis and demand forecasting
    • We analyze the data obtained from questionnaire surveys using a wide spectrum of statistical methods, including conjoint analysis, correspondence analysis, covariance structure analysis, decision trees, cluster analysis, text mining, etc. so businesses can bolster their strategies and forecast demand.
  • Other services
    • Our services offer beyond research and consulting, including test marketing (monitoring tours, seminars, promotion tool development, etc.) that are the foundation for future sales promotions.