Let us take a look at the radical change of Japan-bound tourism

Japan-bound Tourism

We leverage the hands-on know-how on international visitors to Japan (inbound tourism) that JTB has acquired over last century as well as an extensive global network to help you develop strategies every step of the way, from the initial design phase to implementation, evaluation, and revision. Recognized as an Japan-bound tourism expert, we offer global lifestyle marketing services focusing on consumers’ needs.


The key to boost inbound tourism

Competition among Asian tourist destinations is heating up as growing economies countries work on boosting Japan-bound tourism. The key to boost Japan-bound tourism starts by identifying your target based on keen market insight. Next step requires development and implementation of 360 degrees promotion and communication strategies that touches every aspect of visitor’s trip, from arrival to departure. Promoting Japan-bound tourism is exporting an experience (visiting Japan). As a ‘soft power’ it appeals Japan is great destination to visit several times. These days, demand of tourism products offering authentic experiences, as visiting filming locations, enjoying local cuisines, etc. are increasing.

Serving as a bridge between travelers and local communities, we promote intercultural exchanges via Japan-bound tourism. Through brand-building we create destinations’ new value that guarantees visitor’s greater satisfaction, which leads to global market competitive advantage, that helps local economies development.

What We Do


  • Target country/regional analysis (identifying targets)
    • We don’t just look travelers behaviors once arrived in Japan but identify and analyze travel trends and lifestyles in target countries based on existing statistical data and by leveraging the strength of our global network.
  • Determinate market segments and positioning the destination
    • We pinpoint market segments by matching country/region analysis results with local destination’s tourist resources.
  • Developing product and service strategies
    • Our strategies development makes unique local products and services more attractive, specifying exactly what to do, who should do it and when it should be done.
  • Building promotional and communicational strategies
    • We build 360 degrees promotion and communication strategies considering every aspect during visitor’s trip in Japan, from arrival until departure. Our strategies cover all pre-travel and post-travel segments, identify the most optimum travel service partners and make sure your message hits home with target audience.