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International Green Tourism

Published March 2013

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JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co. has attempted to accelerate “International Green Tourism” on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.



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    2. Simplified Chinese
    3. Traditional Chinese
    4. Korean
  2. This project aims to develop rural areas by promoting tourism resources that originally existed in those areas. As part of the efforts, we have created guidebooks to inform several rural destinations listed below. The guidebooks are translated into English, Chinese and Korean, can be downloaded by the PDF file. The list of destinations
    1. Aomori
    2. Minakami-Town, Gunma
    3. Number of Passports Issued
    4. Minamibousou-City, Chiba
    5. Iiyama-City, Nagano
    6. Noto-Town, Ishikawa
    7. Tanabe-City, Wakayama
    8. Iki-city, Nagasaki
    9. Gokase-Town, Miyazaki
    10. Izumi-City, Kagoshima

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