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JTB Report 2019

All About Japanese Overseas Travelers

JTB report

Published July 2019

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Most popular report on Japanese overseas tourists which benefit a wide range of readers, covering spending and other trends in overseas tourism markets.

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  1. The Number of Japanese Traveling Abroad in 2018
    1. Trends in the Number of Japanese Traveling Abroad
    2. Exchange Rates, GDP and the Number of Japanese Traveling Abroad
    3. Number of Passports Issued
    4. Overseas Travel Turnover of Major Travel Agencies
    5. Number of Overseas Travelers by General and Age Group
    6. Overseas Travelers and Departure Ratios by Japanese Prefecture
    7. Number of Overseas Travelers by Month
    8. Number of Overseas Travelers by Air- and Seaports
    9. Number of Japanese Passengers Boarding on Overseas Cruises
    10. Number of Japanese Overseas Travelers by Destination
  2. The Types of Overseas Trips Taken by the Japanese in 2018
    1. Market Segments and Size
    2. Number of Overseas Trips Taken and Previous Travel Experience
    3. Destinations and Markets
    4. Purpose of Travel
    5. Travel Duration and Number of Accommodation Sites Used
    6. Travel Companions
    7. Activities at Destinations
    8. Travel Costs
    9. Destinations and Repeat Travelers
  3. Reasons for Making Trips and the Use of Travel Agencies
    1. Motivations for Overseas Travel
    2. Use of Travel Agencies
    3. The Timing of Travel Arrangements
    4. Package Tours and Individually Arranged Travel
  4. The Overseas Travel Experience of the Japanese
    1. Overseas Travel Experience
    2. Number of Previous Overseas Trips
    3. Overseas Travel Experience by Destination
    4. Preferences of Overseas Travelers
  5. The Preferences of Potential Overseas Travelers
    1. Desire to Travel Overseas
    2. Factors Hindering Overseas Travel
    3. Preferred Purpose of Travel
    4. Preferred Destinations
    5. Preferred Style of Travel


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78 pages

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