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Prestigious Travel + Leisure Magazine (T+L) loved by numerous travelers around the world. Even former presidents as Barak Obama are intrigued to visit recommended places. Every year World’s Best Awards survey’s results are awaited with big interest by travelers creating a new list of destinations to visit, but also by travel industry, discovering is the segment they are working in included in the list. Awards are separated in 10 different segments and many of you may remember Kyoto was elected 2 consecutive years, in 2014 and 2015, as top of the world in city category. July 11, 2017, T+L published results of The 2017 World's Best Hotels. Number one hotel in the world for second consecutive year was Nihi Sumba Island (formerly Nihiwatu Resort)in Indonesia.

Edouard Tripkovic Katayama

Edouard Tripkovic Katayama Advisory Consultant

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Located on the west side of one of the most unexplored Indonesian’s islands, almost entirely preserved from urban development, it offers “not an escape from everyday life but return to a life well lived” says the owner. More than just hospitality, its concept creates “a vacation with purpose, a destination with meaning”. One of specificities of Nihi Sumba Island is a creation of Sumba Foundation. It’s contributing actively to island’s community, decreasing malaria rates by 85%, installing 60 wells and 240 water stations, supplying 16 schools with water and sanitation, providing 5 clinics, launching malnutrition program and attempts reducing poverty on the island. It is not rare case local people are completely excluded from resort development, especially when owners are foreigners. It is not the case in Nihi Sumba Island Resort. Not only 95% of staff is locals but island’s villages welcome visitors offering native ambience and authentic Sumba culture experience. The development of local people’s life environment bringing more safe and secure living, bring happiness to local community and is, I believe, where the journey gets it real purpose.

When we look Asian properties present in TOP 100, India is leading with 6 representatives, followed by Thailand (3), China (2), Indonesia (2), Vietnam (2), while countries with one entry are Cambodia and Japan. Japan is represented by The St. Regis Osaka on 92nd place.

What could or should consider Japanese hoteliers to reach prestigious Top 10 hotels in the world or why not, have ambition becoming number one!? Already known as a country with very high service level, combined with time punctuality and precision for details, Japan has necessary potentials. This year’s survey show people are in constant research of places with high quality facilities and services in outdoor environment, offering opportunity refreshing soul and body, creating an enthusiasm for new challenges. Similar results were published in survey focused on foreign tourists visiting Japan, showing preference for natural environment destinations from the second visit to Japan. T+L survey is based on readers’ experiences and overall value point out not only facility or services, but also take into consideration other segments as contribution to local community, a priceless value. Japan has a beautiful tradition, to consider the others’ feeling. Until now, most people were considering about hotel and regional development, as two separate entities. Contributing to region’s development would improve hotel’s image and value, getting closer to overall experience which high-end customers are looking for and next World’s Best No.1 ranking.

Source: Travel + Leisure, JTB Tourism Research and Consulting