Insights: 2007

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The case of Iwami Silver Mine

The case of Iwami Silver Mine

What should be done to make World Heritage Sites truly attractive tourist destinations? In July 2007, "The Iwami Silver Mine and Associated Cultural Landscape,” was registered a UNESCO World Heritage sites. The site includes the former mining town and the port and roads used to ship silver. The Iwami site's special historical value was credited to stimulate the East to West trade during 16th-19th centuries. The concept of ‘co-existence with nature’ was also valued in the designation. By September 2007, the visitor arrival to the site increased by approximately 50% from same period of the previous year.

Japan and Asia Market

The Tourism Industry and Universities in Collaboration

"The Senior Summer College" is gradually gaining popularity in Japan. A learning course for seniors over 50 years of age are arranged at university campuses. A 2-week/20 classes program offers seniors opportunity to attend various lectures prepared by each university and region. Participants have access to most of the campus facilities, including library and computer rooms as regularly as the enrolled students.