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The articles of 2009 from JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co..

Recent Trend of

Recent Trend of "Saving", "Benefit" Is The Indulgence in Consumption ~Story 1: Not All of People Have Been Straitened!~

The recent worldwide economic recession has lowered business results, mainly, of the export-oriented industries. As more than half of Japanese people have been financially straitened unavoidably, private consumption has become truly sluggish. This report, however, will examine the private consumption of the rest of Japanese people, who have not been straitened at all.

Trends of Overseas Travel with Children (Part 4) -Potential of Growing Market for Overseas Travel with Children

Women in their 30s and 40s used to enjoy overseas travel before they got married and had a baby. Some of them believe that there is hardly a chance to travel abroad while rearing children. What can be done to win them back to the overseas travel market? What type of service would encourage them to resume their traveling habits? The clue to the solution lies in domestic travel, which is popular among families with small children.

Has Senior-Citizens' Enthusiasm for Overseas Travel Waned?

Has Senior-Citizens' Enthusiasm for Overseas Travel Waned?

In recent years, senior-citizens have led the Japanese market for overseas travel. However, with demand for overseas travel abating, the number of the elderly who go abroad grows at a sluggish pace. Baby boomers are losing momentum, too. It's worth pointing out that the rate of Japanese overseas travelers aged 70 and above dropped the most sharply among all age groups in 2008 on a year-on-year basis. The question is whether senior-citizens' enthusiasm for going abroad has cooled down.

Yoko HayanoChief Consultant