Insights: 2011

The articles of 2011 from JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co..

Tourism Crisis Management

Tourism Crisis Management as Business Continuity Plan 3

Despite the urgent needs for preparing tourism crisis management to cope with unexpected crisis that may hit destinations and tourism industry on the globe, there exist many challenges and issues to prepare tourism crisis management plans and manuals. There are many cases where the tourism crisis management successfully minimized the casualty of the hazard and accelerated the recovery of the disaster-affected destinations.

Masato TakamatsuAdvisory Consultant

Tourism Crisis Management

Tourism Crisis Management as Business Continuity Plan 1

It is already six month since the gigantic earthquake hit Eastern Japan followed by huge tsunamis that destroyed many communities and lives of thousands of people living on the East coast of Tohoku Region. Since then, through the experience of this natural disaster, individuals and organizations in Japan have become much more concerned about protection from such disasters and management of the risks. However, when it comes to Tourism Crisis Management, I have hardly observed or heard about discussion or actual measures taken in Japan, except the China-Japan-South Korea Ministerial Conference on Tourism held in May concluded that the three countries will collaborate to establish a contingency system for emergent accident.

Masato TakamatsuAdvisory Consultant

Japan and Asia Market

Travel agencies' strategy for survival with LCCs emerging

Summary LCCs or low cost carriers have started to fly into Japan, which is hot topic in the travel industry. All Nippon Airways (ANA) is to launch an LCC based at Kansai International Airport this year. Will international LCCs win the hearts and minds of Japanese travelers? How will they affect travel agencies, which procure air tickets seats from legacy or traditional airlines to produce and sell package tours? According to the results of on-line surveys and interviews conducted by Japan Tourism Marketing Co. (JTM), this article discusses the prospect of the travel industry under the circumstances of LCCs emerging into the market.